WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Could the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum doors soon be reopened? The possibility was discussed Tuesday night, April 25, at a save the railroad meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting was an organizational one to see if there was interest in forming an actual committee to work on saving the railroad museum and with the large crowd that turned out, they could very well have a fight at reopening it.

Wichita Falls City Council Steve Jackson is one of the main people fighting for the railroad museum to reopen. He was joined at the meeting by District 2 City Council Larry Nelson and several other community members.

Councilman Jackson decided to host the meeting to see if others were interested in saving the museum after discussions at a recent City Council meeting about the museum’s unclear future.

Attendees said the meeting was one of the first steps to actually forming a team and a plan to keep the museum open because they said re-opening it could be great for the city.

“I’ve had people contact me about maybe renting out some of the cars for Air BnB or even rebuild them and people can spend the night in one or have dinner in one. That would be great. I’ve even had some people reach out and say they’d help restore them. If we could get it going, I think it’d be great deal for downtown,” Jackson said.

“Because once it’s gone, it’s not going to come back. I was just a little kid when they tore the depot down in Wichita Falls and when it left, you never build it back. Once these railroad tracks are rolled out of town they are gone,” community member and historian Steve Goen said.

So what’s next? Councilman Jackson said he’ll plan another meeting soon to appoint roles for people and then that committee will write up a plan to present to the City Council at the May 16 meeting.