A Wichita Falls teenager is now being held at the juvenile detention center after police say she tortured a kitten to death, while her friend recorded it all.

Police say one female juvenile was arrested Wednesday afternoon and another girl is expected to be in custody by the evening. We spoke to a mother whose daughter obtained the Snapchat video.

Due to the graphic nature of that video, we have chosen not to show it but we will show one image from the post.

The concerned mother, who asked that we conceal her identity, says what she saw on her teenage daughter’s phone was shocking.

“At first, he was really trying to take a look at it and see what was really going on to see if it was a prank or if it was really happening,” the mother said.

The video, originally posted on the social media app Snapchat showed a girl in a yard torturing a kitten on the ground with a knife. It also shows the kitten trying to crawl away. The kitten is then picked up at some point, shots inside a house show the kitten has been placed into a plastic bag, then slammed to the floor. Then a girl cuts it with a knife, while the kitten’s paw is still kicking.

“I know from an animal owner, I wouldn’t want someone doing this to my animal.” It was the abuse that encouraged the parents to turn to police.

“It was really mind bothering,” the mother said. It was for one, it was sad definitely but to know that a child was capable of doing something this cruel and then posting it on top of that, it’s terrible.”

Police officers say what many juveniles don’t realize is that quick post online, could turn into evidence.

“The thing about the internet is that if you do something, on a photo or video and it gets on the internet it is there. There is no getting it off of there, so you have to realize this is a permanent thing you are doing and it is going to be recorded,” Sgt. Charlie Eipper said.

“Kids, it’s everywhere,” the mother said. “Social media is part of their generation and of course as parents, my husband and I, we monitor it. Constantly.”

With social media being a constant in their kids’ lives, the mother says she has taught her kids if they see something unsettling online, they need to speak up.

“They know what’s right and what’s wrong, they know the difference so they come in and show us the things that they know is not right,” the mother said.

The Snapchat video is still under investigation by Wichita Falls juvenile detectives. Police say the juveniles will face an animal cruelty charge.