Controversial confederate plaque removed from Texas Capitol

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The controversial Children of the Confederacy plaque inside the Texas State Capitol has been taken down.

Texas District 100 representative Eric Johnson sent these before and after pictures from the capitol.

Five members of the state preservation board, which includes Texas’ top leaders, voted in favor of its removal.

The vote to remove the Confederate plaque happened quickly.

“The ayes have it, and the motion carries,” Gov. Greg Abbott said.

A stark difference from the long journey it took to get here.

“I am pleased with the result, but I’m processing what it means that there was no discussion whatsoever on the significance of what we were doing,” Johnson said.

For Johnson, who has spent more than a year trying to get it removed, this felt personal.

“I am the descendant of slaves,” Johnson said

The plaque said the Civil War wasn’t a rebellion nor was slavery its underlying cause.

Johnson Wrote a letter in 2017 asking the state preservation board to remove it.

He then sent in this building change request form.

Last November, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion saying lawmakers or the preservation board could decide to remove the plaque.

“I don’t think today is really an occasion for a whole lot of fist bumping or backslapping or high fiving because it never should’ve been there at the first place, and it certainly shouldn’t have taken 60 years to take down,” Johnson said.

But even though he got the decision he’d been pushing for, Johnson wanted more. 

“I think it’s really part of a bigger question of why don’t we teach in Texas and in the south generally in some cases more about what the civil war was really about?” Johnson said.

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