Convicted child rapist Carlile sentenced to life in prison

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Reporter Curtis Jackson looked directly at convicted child rapist Jason Carlile and asked, “I mean, do you feel bad at all for any of this?”

Carlile stared blank faced with no emotion or remorse after being sentenced to life in prison.

The punishment phase began Thursday morning for the charges against Carlile, which included testimony from a fourth alleged victim stating Carlile sexual assaulted her as well when she was fostered by the Carlile’s.

Judge Barney Fudge sentenced Carlile to two life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of a child, along with 20-years each for the additional six counts of sexual assault of a child Thursday morning.

A victim’s mother read her daughter’s impact statement during the sentencing and in that statement, a victim said, “My father has always been a master manipulator — a proven pattern he’s carried out his entire life.”

“Is there anything you want to say to your victims?” Jackson asked Carlile.

“No comment,” Carlile replied.

That’s about all the media have heard from Carlile since his trial began on Tuesday. On Wednesday, his defense attorney Heather Barbieri called no one to testify and cross-examined none of the state’s witnesses. She even made no closing arguments.

The prosecution said they feel justice was served

“These young ladies deserve everything of what the jury was able to give them today, they received justice, they stood up for those victims and citizens of Wichita County sent a strong message about how we will deal with child molesters and sex offenders in our county,” lead prosecutor Dobie Kosub said.

“Jason, do you think your sentence was fair and reasonable?” Jackson asked.

“No comment,” Carlile said again.

“I couldn’t be more ecstatic,” Kosub said. “I wish we could do more.”

Kosub said trials like this are never easy because of the lasting impact they can leave on the victims.

“These are the worst things we ever have to deal with because you see the trauma and the devastation on the faces of the victims,” Kosub said. “They have to relive it on the stand. They have to relive it looking at their abusers. Murder victims don’t do that. They’re not there. These children live through the nightmares and they have to relive it when they get into court.”

Carlile is eligible for parole, but with his sentences running consecutively, he will be eligible in 120 years.

In the hallway, Jackson asked one last time if Carlile felt bad for what he did, but Carlile again gave no comment.

As she entered the elevator, a media member asked Carlile’s defense attorney Heather Barbieri if she is going to appeal the trial.

“The filing of a notice of appeal is already in motion,” she said.

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