WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — May is Bicycle Awareness Month! A good time to remind folks to stay safe while riding, and to tell drivers to share the road with cyclists. Something to keep in mind as more people get on their bikes in preparation for, you guessed it, The Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred.

“This is the time of year that people start opening their garage and dusting off their bikes and deciding they want to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather that we have before it gets really hot. And also, people just wanna get out and work on training for Hotter ‘N Hell,” Bike Wichita Falls Co-Chair Becky Raeke said.

Raeke said seeing the Wichita Falls cycling community continue to grow, inspires her to keep challenging people to give riding a chance! If it’s something you’d like to do but don’t know where to start you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a whole group to help you out!

“This is the start of our Couch to 50-mile ride so this is an introduction for people that are kind of dipping their toe in the water. They want to be around a group of people that are like-minded. They need the support of experienced cyclists,” Raeke said.

Training with the Couch to 50-mile group is a great way to get comfortable on your bike or like many people are doing, use it as a way to ease into cycling in the Triple H this August!

Still a little nervous? Don’t be! Because even some of your favorite KFDX-TV personalities like Markeshia Jackson can get on a bike and do it! If you don’t ride regularly? No problem. The Couch to 50-mile has a training schedule for you to follow! Don’t like riding alone? Raeke said that’s okay too! Besides, that’s what the group is for!

“I mean just the camaraderie getting to know people that maybe have lived in Wichita Falls their entire life and you have to and now you’re connecting and building those bridges. It’s a good way to make new friends and enjoy our city,” Raeke adds.

So grab a helmet, your bike and join the group on this journey to the big race in August!

For information on how to join, click here!