WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls couple previously arrested on theft charges have both been arrested again, this time after an alleged fight involving a knife.

Brylie Brackett and Carlos Burney are charged with family violence assaults.

Early Friday morning, December 30, 2022, deputies with the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office responded to Goodman Road and Highway 79 after EMT personnel reported a man possibly bleeding out from a stab wound.

Deputies responding to the scene said they found Burney with a stab wound in the arm and his girlfriend, Brackett, holding a shirt on the wound.

According to authorities, Brackett told them she and Burney were fighting and Burney was on top of her hitting her, then he grabbed a knife and threatened to hurt her and himself. She said she tried to take the knife away and she fell, and he accidentally stabbed himself.

Deputies said Brackett had red marks on her body, head and back, and both were taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to the affidavit, deputies said when Burney was stabilized, he became uncooperative and said he couldn’t remember everything that happened, but was certain he did not stab himself.

When asked if anyone else was present in the room, he said no, and when asked if Brackett stabbed him, he said “I’m not saying that.”

When asked if he did not stab himself then who did, the deputy said Burney replied “All I know is that I did not stab myself.”

In the end, deputies decided to charge both with assault.

This is the third time Brackett and Burney have been accused of committing crimes together.

In November 2021, police said Brackett’s stepmother reported she suspected Brackett and Burney of taking a speaker and rifle from her house on Cynthia. Police said they found out Burney had sold both items at two pawn shops.

The couple was arrested in April 2021 at Walmart on Central Freeway after security reported them putting movies into a basket, then going to another section of the store and putting them into Brackett’s purse.

Employees of that Walmart said they found 10 movies in the purse, and while being questioned, Brackett pulled three more movies out from her waistband.