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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — People never know when they may be asked to help with CPR when every second count and many people don’t know the skills to save lives.

Sharon Norris was in the right place at the right time when she had to administer CPR to a complete stranger and she hopes her story will inspire others to learn a skill that could save 200,000 lives a year.

“You never know you might have to save a family member,” Wichita Falls resident Sharon Norris said.

Norris shared her experience, having to save a life thanks to her years of training in CPR.

“She was eating pancakes and I looked on her and I said are you okay and she wasn’t so I stood her up and I did the Heimlich maneuver on her and brought the pancakes up,” Norris said.

Norris said it was thanks to her CPR training that she was able to act so quickly and is urging others to consider getting certified.

“You never know when you might be put in that type of situation that you might have to save somebody’s life,” Norris said.

Annette Penney is a CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator Instructor at the YMCA who said it is very important that people are aware of how to help someone when they are faced with an emergency.

Penney said people tend to panic when they don’t know what to do.

“If they have the knowledge of what to do then that triggers and they can just react and help that person and potentially save their life,” Penney said.

“I knew what to do and I just did it,” Norris said.

Penney said that she understands people’s skepticism to run toward an incident to lend a helping hand that may put themselves in danger but in a CPR and first aid class it is taught and as expected, your safety comes first.

‘The first thing you do when you come upon a scene is to make sure the scene is safe because you can’t help other people if you are injured as well,” Penney said.

Both Penney and Norris encourage Texomans to equip themselves before it is too late because you may need the skill when you least expect it.

Reports show that over 70% of most cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home while a family member is present and available in the home.

A person can generally survive six to seven minutes without brain damage but by performing CPR you may be able to help save someone’s life.

If you are interested in getting certified you can participate in the next class in a few weeks at the YMCA, it takes about two hours, excluding the online portion and in the end, it will all be worth it.

You don’t have to be a member of the Y to participate in a class and you can request private classes for a small group of family and friends.

The class has a cap of 10 participants.

It costs $65, for full details of what the class entails follow this link.

Businesses can request for Annette Penney to visit a site to instruct a class at an additional cost, contact the YMCA for details at the number 940-322-7816.

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