WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—For ten years now, folks have flocked to Lucy Park to push their bodies to the limit while attempting to accomplish Texomas Hellacious Obstacle Run or THOR. They’ll do that again tomorrow.

If you’re someone who likes to try new things and haven’t tried THOR, Co-chair Randall Barker said you’re missing out.

“It’s a 5k-ish run it goes through, in and out of Lucy Park, it goes through Lucy Park, Camp Fire, and then back into Lucy Park,” Barker said.

But this obstacle course is no walk in the park, runners will have to go through several obstacles such as climbing over wet slippery spools, submerging themselves up to their ears in muddy water, among several other challenges, Barker said this course oftentimes can bring the kid out in you.

“People love to get out in the mud and this is Wichita Falls’ own take of a mud run people love to get out there and enjoy it,” Barker said.

And while volunteers complete the final preps before kicking off the event, Barker said preparations start way in advance.

“We start in January, we start getting preparation prepared and as we get closer to the event the Streams and Valleys crew really takes over and with the help of Streams and Valleys and Sheppard Air Force Base we couldn’t do it without volunteers from Sheppard, they build the course, and they start setting up the course the week of THOR, they’re out there right now,” Barker said.

Volunteers like Ella Pondo who encourages more folks to sign up to volunteer.

“If you just want to be involved with your community, it’s a really good way to come and watch people do really hard things and cheer them on or just help put together things for them to be able to do this race,” Pondo said.

A race that many who have run in the past will notice looks a little different this time around.

“We’ve actually got two new obstacles that they have got prepared, and we’re taking away some of the older stuff that people didn’t like and bring in some new stuff,” Barker said.

Barker said one thing is for certain.

“Enjoy the mud, We’ve got the rain, so we’re going to have plenty of mud and mud is really good for the skin,” Barker said.

Not to mention being able to say, I conquered THOR!

Barker said you still have plenty of time to sign up, in fact, you can sign up all the way up until start time tomorrow morning with the competitive wave starting at 8:20. For more information on how to register or volunteer, click here.