WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One half of an alleged robbery/shoplifting couple pleaded guilty to one of her charges while her husband’s robbery charge is pending.


Crickett Davis pleaded guilty to a theft at Home Depot in February for a 5 year probated sentence. She still has an unresolved charge of resisting arrest at another store.
She and Whiskey Davis were arrested at the Atwood’s Store in April 2021 after police were alerted of their whereabouts. Both had warrants for the theft and robbery that was reported at Home Depot the month before.

Home Depot loss prevention officers said they saw the couple at a self-checkout, conceal items in a 5-gallon bucket and did not pay for the items in the bucket.


Officers went outside to confront them as they loaded items into a vehicle. The man took a baseball bat out of the car and waved it at the officers while the woman unloaded the cart and the pair then drove off.

Parking lot surveillance footage showed the man later identified as Whiskey run at the loss prevention officers with a bat in his hand, and the officers had to take evasive actions to get away.
The couple was found leaving Atwood’s a month later, police said Crickett yelled at the officers and said she didn’t want to go to jail and leave her children.

Police said they assured Crickett her children would be taken care of but she continued to yell at officers.
Authorities said Crickett tried to pull away when officers attempted to arrest her, resulting in an officer having to throw her onto the hood of the police car and then to the ground before finally putting her in handcuffs, resulting in the charge of resisting arrest.

Whiskey was taken into custody without incident and based on the surveillance footage from Home Depot was charged with robbery. Both Whiskey and Crickett have multiple prior arrests and convictions.