WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Believe it or not, tourism is a pretty large industry for Wichita Falls.

“There’s a report from the office of the governor it’s his travel tourism economic development department. They put out numbers every year and in 2021, our total direct travel spending was about $211 million,” Wichita Falls Director of Marketing and Communications Lindsay Barker said.

What that means is tourists spent over $200 million while they were here.

What better way to attract more tourists than telling them exactly what there is to do?

“I think it’s all about the experience. People want to experience the authenticity of a city, what its history is, what its culture is, its food and events and so to be able to have this map that’ll already be laid out, will really be beneficial to them,” Barker said.

The purpose of the culture map is to bring locals and tourists to culturally significant places in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas.

“There are so many ways to tell a community’s story and we feel like art and culture is one of the best ways to illustrate what makes us different,” Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture Communication Director Ann Arnold-Ogden said.

The map will not just cover Wichita Falls. Nine other counties will be included. It will map out people, places, events, and more.

“You look at events like Pioneer Reunion in Clay County or Mardi Gras in Nocona, Texas, these are all things that are based on a shared history of people and so highlighting those events, artists, museums, galleries, things that really define who we are as people but also help us showcase those things that really make us different to people who are coming in to visit our area,” Ogden said.

Currently, community members can participate in an online survey to help pinpoint important places in our area.

The map won’t be available until 2023 but in the meantime, click here to submit important places in our area you think should be on the map!