WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin remains in critical condition Tuesday night after going into cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin collapsed in the first quarter and medical experts said it was the response by medical professionals that followed that made all the difference. Hamlin received CPR for several minutes after his collapse and thankfully his heartbeat was restored before he was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, the incident shining a major light on the importance of CPR training.

“I’m sure they probably thought that it was a normal football injury, but just seeing the way that he fell, and the way that his body was just laying there, I’m sure most of them were probably terrified because I’m sure I would’ve been if I was there in person,” CPR Instructor Devya Lewis said.

Medical experts surrounded Hamlin within seconds to perform life-saving measures like CPR before he’s rushed to the hospital, and while there was medical staff on hand for Hamlin, that’s not always the case when medical emergencies occur. That’s why CPR instructors are urging folks to get CPR Certified.

“That way if they need to wait for first responders you give them a little bit more chance of surviving by being able to be their first responder on the scene and giving them CPR,” Lewis said.

Devya Lewis is a local CPR instructor who said there have been several occurrences where everyday civilians have had to jump in and administer CPR. She said hopefully, the incident that occurred Monday will remind folks that this kind of thing can happen to anyone at any time and at any place.

“There’s quite a few steps in CPR. It’s not just putting your hands over someone’s chest and pushing in. You have to know how many seconds in between. If you have to give breaths, how far down you have to go, or you need to know the position of giving CPR because if not, you cause damage more than what the problem is that they’re already going through,” Lewis said.

CPR is a life skill we all should know, especially now seeing on a big stage, the difference it makes.

“For his family, I know they were scared because it’s probably something that’s not normal for him. He’s probably in good health,” Lewis said.

So sign up for a class. Lewis adds that “It’s worth it. It’s just two hours of your time, and it’s not very expensive.”

Those two hours could prepare you to save a life. Damar Hamlin spent last night in the intensive care unit [and] remains there tonight in critical condition. The NFL also announced that the Bengals [and] Bills game will not be resumed this week.

If you’re interested in booking a CPR class with Lewis, you can find more information by clicking here.