WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — President Biden’s Administration’s plan to end Title 42 on Monday, May 23, has sparked a legal battle in Texas.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Senator Dawn Buckingham were welcomed Wednesday at Wichita Falls Regional Airport to talk about the issue.

During the news conference, there were questions and concerns by the community of Wichita Falls about Title 42.

Lt. Gov. Patrick and Senator Buckingham shared their disagreement about Biden’s decision and that they are worried this will bring more illegal immigrants into the country. Both officials mentioned the efforts Texas is doing to secure the United States-Mexico border.

“We are doing everything in Texas we can to push back,” Lt. Gov. Patrick said. “We normally spend about 400 million of Texas taxpayer money on the border. This year it’s 4.2 billion and growing with the National Guard, our troopers – they’re all the assets we have. We are doing the very best we can, and we had it under control under last year Trump, but Biden is purposely doing this, and our founders never imagined that we would have a President who would allow us to be invaded, so what we want to do is go to the Supreme Court, say ‘Look, we have a right to defend the life, the property, and the welfare of our people if they are not doing the job’.”

Wednesday afternoon, a federal judge extended a temporary restraining order that prevents the White House from moving ahead with the rollback of Title 42.