WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For another year, i.d.e.a. WF is stimulating the local economy by providing funding and other resources to local entrepreneurs.

“It’s unique in that it’s wanting local people, it’s wanting small business.” i.d.e.a. WF Coordinator Jeannie Hilbers said. “Not only do we offer them prize money, but we help them with a little mini-course in owning your own business along the way.”

Thursday kicked off the first day of orientation for local business owners wanting to participate in what has become a highly anticipated competition in Wichita Falls.

One of the most recent winners, taking home cash prizes for two categories, Johnny McClane of Falls Metal Fabrication, urges all entrepreneurs to take advantage of the resources i.d.e.a. WF offers.

“It did help us quite a bit as far as with our projections [and] sales for our product,” McClane said.

In fact, McClane said now, they’re hoping to expand as well as looking to hire two additional employees every six months.

“With winning the contest and getting our product approved by the testing lab then we’re ready for our expansion and growth,” McClane said.

As far as prizes this year, there will be more than one category.

“We have two prize categories, one is cash for jobs that are funded by the economic development corporation,” Hilbers said. The other category is judges’ choice, last year we gave away $32,000 in that category.”

McClane and Hilbers urge those interested to attend the orientations and reap the benefits of what has proven to be a very useful program.

If you missed Thursday’s orientation, there will be another on February 19th.

For more details on i.d.e.a.WF visit this link.