For about five years, Theodore Klopf’s hobby has been coffee bean roasting.

Over the past year, after he bought a commercial roaster, Klopf started his own brand — Odd Duck Coffee — and sold it in the Wichita Falls Farmers Market.

“Friends and family started tasting it. Their friends and family started tasting it, and then, we started to get a demand for fresh roasted coffee,” Klopf said.

Now, he plans to open the doors of the Odd Duck Coffee Roastery and Tasting Room on 7th Street within the next two months.

“This is where the roaster is going to go. So, you can see from street side what it is that we do,” he said.

Not only see, but soon, smell what they do.

“We’ll have about 21 different single origin coffees — where you can come in and actually taste,” Klopf said. “You know, perhaps you’ve never had Bolivian coffee or Honduran coffee. You can try that here. If you like it, you can order some up and we’ll roast it for you fresh on the spot.”

Around the corner, Erik Scott also plans to open a new restaurant by March.

“We’re opening what we are going to be calling the Highlander Public House. Our vision is: The best food in Wichita Falls — ’cause I’m a chef by trade and that’s what I do,” Scott said.

Scott’s restaurant will offer more than a wide variety of mixed drinks and beer options.

“I’m really putting a lot of effort into the menu, and I want to do a lot of smaller pub bites,” Scott said. “Kind of beer battered this’s and that’s — while you can just order — while you’re having a beer.”

Why did these entrepreneurs decide on downtown?

“It truly is a resource that is not being utilized enough. This is an awesome downtown. Not too many towns have what we have here. So to hopefully be a part of a revitalization, it’s exciting,” Klopf said.

“We’ve got apartment buildings around here. All of those people want to eat some good food without having to get into the car, so I think that will help. And on the flip side of that, I want to bring people into downtown because we’ve got great stuff around here. Let’s start using it,” Scott said.

Klopf and Scott both said they are excited to be a part of bringing back a strong heartbeat into downtown.

Scott is hiring for the Highlander Public House. For more information, click HERE. 

Click HERE for the Odd Duck Coffee Facebook page.