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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A doctor who set out to introduce direct primary care to Wichita Falls residents said four years later, people have grown more receptive to the idea of medical care on a monthly membership, insurance-free plan.

They’ve grown so receptive, in fact, that other physicians, like Jeffrey Swanson, are hopping on board this style of payment.

“I want to be able to give people good care and make sure they have access to us,” Dr. Jeffrey Swanson, Co-owner of Stratos Direct Primary Care, said.

“My wife and I — Dr. Tezaguic — we had decided probably a year or so ago that we wanted to find a way of practicing medicine that allowed us to have a better relationship with our patients,” Swanson said. “One where we can spend more time with them and not be worried and actually be able to provide the care we know we can provide and our training provided us with, without having the insurance and the insurance requirements dictate how we provided that care.”

That decision is when Swanson and his wife connected with someone who has been providing direct primary care practice for four years now in Wichita Falls: Dr. Kissi Blackwell of Clarity Direct Care.

“We think it’s important to try to grow this movement,” Blackwell said. “It is a grassroots movement by physicians to take back our specialty and really bring back that doctor-patient relationship that we really think is the most important part of medicine.”

“I think it’s gonna reduce a lot of the burnout that we’re seeing right now with physicians; having panels that are more manageable, and they get to enjoy the job more — they’re more likely to stay long-term and develop those relationships with those patients,” Swanson said.

Blackwell and Swanson said they believe patients want that option as well.

Swanson said over the course of the pandemic he saw a need for this service.

“People just could not see their doctors, so they end up going to the ER or the walk-in clinics, and that just amplified what I knew was happening, where people just could not access their physicians,” Swanson said.

“If there are any doctors in town that are thinking about doing this or thinking this is the right way to go for them, then I would absolutely say please contact me; I’ll be so glad to sit down with you,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell, who started her practice with 300 patients, now has 730 enrolled. Swanson encourages residents to do their research and reach out if they believe this form of practice would best suit them.

Plans are also available for small businesses.

Blackwell said her parents also opened Texoma Direct Primary Care in Burkburnett.

Enrollment is now open for Swanson’s practice, Stratos DPC, which opens in January.

See below if you would like to compare the price with what you currently pay for your insurance:

See Stratos DPC’s pricing here.

See Clarity Direct Care pricing here.

See Texoma Direct Primary Care pricing here.

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