Doctor Asks School to Do Something About Bullying Incident

What a Wichita Falls psychiatrist calls a case of chronic bullying at Rider High School leads him to write a doctor’s note, asking the school to do something about it. 
The mother of the student she says is being bullied posted a picture of the note on Facebook, and that post has really blown up.
“I think you’re really childish and you have no heart if you can tell someone to kill themselves,” the student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said. 
The student says incidents like that have been happening at school for around five months. 
“Last Monday, this kid, who I thought he was my friend, handed me a rusty razor blade with white duct tape over it and said go use this Chucky, basically telling me to go kill myself. People call me Chucky because they say I look like the killer doll because my hair is red and I have the same nose as the doll. People have called me that for years and now it’s just annoying,” the student said. 
The student was seeing a psychiatrist for counseling and that doctor wrote an unusual doctor’s note asking the school to do something about what he calls chronic bullying. 
The student says some of the students involved have been given in school suspension and one was given a day in juvenile detention, but others have not been punished.
However, Wfisd officials say the school district has zero tolerance for bullying. 
“If a student does feel like they are being bullied, they are expected to go and report that to a teach or an administrator,” Ashley Thomas with Wfisd said. 
She says the district wants the students to feel safe at school and comfortable enough to go to administration if and when a bullying incident occurs. 
“Most of the time that can be handled at a campus level, but we do have procedures in place so that if a parent is not pleased or if they want to go further, they can contact our student assignment office take their issue higher,” Thomas said. 
But the Rider student says more should be done. 
“I told them about the kid who told me to kill myself and they said if he does it again come to us. He was doing it in school and I told them and they did nothing about it,” the student said. 
If you’d like to read Wfisd’s full policy against bullying click here. 

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