WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With the economy and inflation situation this holiday season, small business owners know some people may not be spending as much as in past years.

That’s why they hope more than ever, shoppers will shop local and help smaller businesses that are also struggling to make ends meet. In an effort to help those small businesses, Downtown Wichita Falls Development officials are kicking off the “Shop Small” campaign.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is shop! Go visit their storefronts, and share their posts on social media, because for these small business owners, we’re all they’ve got.

Owners Connie Bennett and Janet Ehling opened up the Fashion Garage four years ago and have received tremendous support from local customers.

“It has grown exponentially in the last four years. I will say a year into it is when COVID hit so we had to get really creative on how we advertised,” Bennett said.

That’s when they took to social media in hopes to keep their business afloat which they did. But now they have another tool to help attract business: Downtown Wichita Falls Development.

“The holiday season creates an opportunity to really get people to be intentional with their purchasing and their support,” Downtown Wichita Falls Development Executive Director Jana Schmader said.

And to help encourage the community to do so, the “Shop Small” campaign was created.

“This tends to be a slower period for the district so we just really want people to come out to remember these mom-and-pop shops. They’re the ones that have invested in our city and continue to support them,” Schmader said.

Schmader said not only would you be helping a business but you’re also adding to the strength of our local economy.

“I know this is something you hear a lot but when you support a local business, you’re also supporting the community, the money stays here. So delete that Amazon app, take everything out of your cart, and see if you could find it here locally,” Schmader said.

A small change in some shoppers’ spending habits that could reap huge benefits to business owners like Bennett. A blessing she tries to pass along to other local business owners.

“When we have people traveling through town we not only relish their business here but we usually send them their way too,” Bennett said.

Ultimately allowing doors to stay open and allowing opportunities for growth not only for the businesses but the community as a whole.

Tuesday morning Mayor Stephen Santellana issued a proclamation to Downtown Wichita Falls Development naming today as “Shop Small Day”. You’re also encouraged to use the hashtag “shop small”.