WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Nearly a year after going in front of the state board in hopes of adding a new historic district in downtown Wichita Falls, Downtown Wichita Falls Development officials said they have now received that designation.

The Depot Square Historic District has been home to a slew of events in downtown Wichita Falls, attracting visitors and business owners who could potentially set up shop in the downtown area. Thanks to Downtown Wichita Falls Development, a second historic district has been added and registered with the state.

“There are 12 contributing properties from 9th to 10th on Indiana Ave, that is now nationally recognized as historic structures,” Downtown Wichita Falls Development Executive Director Jana Schmader said.

The Indiana District is already home to multiple businesses that have been around for years, and Schmader said this new designation serves as protection for the historic buildings.

“As a preservationist, it just enables the district to make sure those buildings are safe and they get extra measures by city and state to make sure that they’re not demolished and that they are nationally registered as that,” Schmader said.

While also serving as a recruitment tool for business owners.

“It also an incentive process for us to provide tax credits for anyone that wants to do development or redevelopment within that particular district,” Schmader said.

Something that Schmader has already seen in the Depot Square District.

“And you see a lot of development in that area because there is more opportunity for tax credit incentive back for those harder structures that cost a lot more capital,” Schmader said.

Development that Schmader hopes will trickle into the new district creating a bigger and more vibrant downtown.

Speaking of downtown, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival is less than two weeks away and Schmader said they could desperately use more volunteers for the event. Volunteers will receive a free shirt, meal, and access to the event either before or after their shift.

For more information on how to sign up, click here.