WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Despite drought-like conditions, the indirect potable reuse pipeline is still working hard to pump water into Lake Arrowhead.

Earlier this year, the pipeline hit a milestone of pumping 10 billion gallons of water back into the lake.

Wichita Falls Utility Operations Managaer Daniel Nix said he expects the pipeline to have pumped 11 billion gallons by October.

He said even though lake levels have decreased, that has kept pace with the summer heat while water is being pumped back into Lake Arrowhead.

“The milestones are important to let the citizens of Wichita Falls know that the project that they spent their money on is working and that we’re operating it correctly and that it is showing to be a benefit to them,” Nix said. “And so the milestones are important to celebrate.”

About 8 to 9 millions gallons of water are pumped back into Lake Arrowhead each day.