WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — High rain chances are what owner of North Texas Tree Expert Mike Ibarra is hoping will keep his business afloat.

For Ibarra and his crew, this summer has been hot and slow.

“This drought has been affecting all of the plants, shrubberies and trees in Wichita Falls,” Ibarra said. “Everybody has been impacted by it, especially these types of businesses that rely on things to be green and growing, so we can stay busy in this line of work.”

North Texas Tree Expert offers services such as planting, tree removal, pruning, trimming and many other services, but Ibarra said for those taking matters into their own hands, they could be causing more damage than they realize.

“We’re here for the quality of the trees and the longevity of making that tree last a long time, and if you don’t prune it and use the best practices, you can damage the tree and it could have long-term effects,” Ibarra said.

With some major rain chances in the near future, Ibarra’s hopeful it will help in the long run, although it won’t have instant benefits for his business.

“Definitely the trees are going to get a lot healthier and definitely it’s going to impact us, but it may take a couple of months to benefit from the rain or a couple more rains at least,” Ibarra said.

Ibarra has been in the landscaping and tree service business for 12 years and said this summer feels all too familiar.

“I was here for the last drought that lasted three or four years, and a lot of companies, you know, couldn’t stay and couldn’t afford to stay open and everything, and we were one of the companies that survived the last drought,” Ibarra said.

He said surviving the drought was only possible through community support.

“If it wasn’t for all the clients and all the customers that have been contacting us even when it’s hot like this, they’re getting out in their yard, and they’re looking around and still having us work on things for them,” Ibarra said. “That doesn’t hurt anything, so definitely the community is awesome and we’re glad to be here and serving everybody, and we look forward to serving a lot of years with y’all.”

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