Carol Wilson loves representing the USA.

She served 15 years in the Army and now serves the American people again — this time as a post office distribution associate.

“You see it all here.,” Wilson said “If they can mail it, they come up and say ‘can I mail it?’ [The answer is usually] ‘yes.'”

And she does hear and see it all from endless streams of packages off trucks to the soft chirps of baby chicks to the countless letters that flow through system.

Of course, all of those letters don’t just appear in your mailbox. They first come here to the post office, arriving on trucks. Once the mail arrives, it is first sorted by zip code and then by route.

The USPS has 80 different routes in Wichita Falls and the city’s post offices also serve residents as far away as Lake Arrowhead and Holliday.

“Without our clerks that come in at those earliest hours, essentially, our process would never really get started,” said Frank Harrison, the customer service supervisor at Wilson’s post office.

Wilson arrives around 2 a.m. — before some Texomans even go to bed.

“You lose a lot of sleep,” Wilson said. “Let me just say, you lose a lot of sleep on this job.”

“If we waited until 4, 5, 6 o’clock in the morning to get started, we would never get all of our operation done in time for when our carriers get here to start their operation,” Harrison said.

And while the pace can be frantic, Wilson still enjoys doing what she loves — serving you!

“The bottom line is you have to finish this job,” she said. “It has to get finished. All mail has to leave out of here.”