WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A group of public information officers and superintendents at Region 9 gathered on Thursday, September 22, to participate in emergency training sessions.

Along with learning how to respond in an emergency, Region 9 workers learned the importance of communication with local news and media outlets as well.

West Pierce, executive director at Region 9 service center said, “You want to be able to work as a team because the media is a critical method in which school districts and our local community can get vital information out to the public.”

Public Information Officers (PIO) and Region 9 employees attended the training session to make sure they know exactly how to react if there’s an emergency in a school district.

Pierce said, “Anything in todays world from a natural disaster such as what happened recently in Jacksboro. Unfortunately, we have to consider things such as what occurred in Uvalde and the preparedness of our school district for situations in response to those emergencies”

During a Q & A session, a panel was held and answered media questions about the importance of working together to make sure the community is safe.