ELECTRA (KFDX/KJTL) — An Electra family is left picking up the pieces after Friday’s large fire caused complete destruction of their home.

Very little is left of Vincent Vestal and Kristina Godwin’s home except the ash they stand on. Friday’s fire in Electra caused irreparable damage to the place meant to be their safe haven.

“I got a call from my neighbor across the street, but she was kind of frantic and frazzled, and I couldn’t really understand what she was saying, so I kind of let that one go. Then two minutes later, I got a call from her sister and she said, ‘hey I think your house is on fire,’” Vestal said.

Wind gusts at 50 miles per hour raged through the city, engulfing the Electra Cemetery and other parts of the community, emergency crew’s efforts unable to prevent the spread of the fast-moving flames.

“The winds caused the grass fires back there, and while they were fighting it back in the pasture, one of them had turned around and saw that my roof was starting to catch. So, like I said, the grass wasn’t on fire. It was just the embers blowing off the fire over there, and it landed on my house, and by the time they got a pump truck over here, it was full ablaze,” Vestal said.

Thankfully, no one was home when the fire occurred, but the loss was astronomical. Clothes, appliances, and furniture all destroyed, including the priceless items closest to their hearts.

“The only thing I was concerned with are all the things you can’t replace. Memories, baby books and things that I didn’t have anywhere else. We just got them here, too. That’s the hardest part,” Godwin and Vestal said.

Godwin’s sister started a GoFundMe for the family, and in two days has already raised over $7,000 of its $10,000 goal, bringing comfort to this family during a time when it’s needed the most.

“You couldn’t ask for anything better. Everybody here, you have their total support. You know, if they haven’t offered time or money or you know physical labor helping clean it up, you know, they send their thoughts and prayers, and they do whatever they can,” Vestal said.

While it’s no less devasting losing irreplaceable family keepsakes, Godwin and Vestal said the fire didn’t destroy what was of most value to them: each other.

“It’s just material possessions, you know. Just because you lose everything you ever owned doesn’t mean you lose everything you ever have. You know, we might not own much right now, but we have a lot,” Godwin said.

Losing everything only to gain so much in the future.

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