Electra Food Market closes, new grocery store could be on the way

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It was a normal lunchtime at the Electra Senior Center Monday: a time when friendly faces come together for an hour or so and share a meal and memories of time gone by. One of those having lunch at the center was Troy Gilbert. Born and raised in Electra, and during his time there, he said a lot has changed. 

“[We] used to have everything any place else had,” Gilbert said. However, some things have stayed constant.
“People are still good, still nice. We look after each other,” Gilbert said.

Looking is something residents like Gilbert are going to have to do, following the closure of the Electra Food Market: the city’s the only grocery store.

One of the big problems, residents said,  with the Electra Food Market was the lack of produce; the nearby option being at Alsup’s. But of the produce that there is, supplies are a bit limited.

Other problems at the Electra Food Market included the parking lot, building damage, as well as competition from corporately owned stores.

“40% of the shelves were stocked and the rest of it was empty. It’s very sad, but it’s a fact,” Electra business owner David Askew said.

Texomashomepage tried to get a response from the store owners and city officials but haven’t heard back at the airing of this story.

However, better news may be on the horizon. David Askew, owner of antique store D&N Market said plans are now underway to bring groceries to his building.

“The mix of groceries and hardware is still a good idea,” Askew said. He explained items may be a bit more expensive when the store opens, but there are reasons for that.

“People will pay for convenience. And when you consider you’re going to spend five to seven dollars on gasoline just to get into Vernon or Wichita Falls, it’s a couple hour trip,” Askew said.

Right now, it appears, having a grocery store to spend money in, is what Electra residents could use . 
If all goes according to plan, Askew anticipates his store opening as early as the beginning of June.

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