WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — An inmate who escaped from a corrections center in Oklahoma has been captured in Wichita Falls.

According to The Davis News, Preston Whittington escaped from the Jackie Brannon Correctional Center in McAlester on Tuesday afternoon.

The Davis News, which is a weekly newspaper covering Davis, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas, reported that Whittington was captured Wednesday afternoon.

Wichita Falls police officials confirmed that an escaped Oklahoma inmate reportedly had a stolen vehicle, also from Oklahoma, and made his way to Wichita Falls. Officer Brian Masterson said the vehicle was discovered at the Walmart on Lawrence Road after Onstar located the vehicle there.

Whittington was inside the Wal-Mart allegedly trying to shoplift clothes and a GPS device. Whittington was charged with shoplifting but WFPD has since dropped the charge.

The inmate is being held without bond on the Oklahoma arrest warrant.

Investigators say Whittington, who used to be an MMA fighter, assaulted a guard at the center before stealing the guard’s vehicle.

Whittington was arrested in 2019 by Wichita Falls police for a burglary at the Honk and Holler in Comanche County.