WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Ever wondered how many times you’ve blinked since you were born or how many breaths you have taken? Now, there’s a way to know!

Life Stats is a website that will give you a rough estimate of some of the smallest actions that have happened in your life.

Neal Agarwal, a developer with a passion for coding, is the creator of Life Stats and 23 other fun and interactive websites.

Neal said he started making different websites when he would get bored in his college classes.

“Coding was always a means of creative expression for me, and so when lectures started to get dry I would start working on my own projects,” Neal said.

He continued on and explained that a feeling of nostalgia for “old web” is where his motivation to start working on such projects came from.

“I grew up at a time when [Adobe] Flash was dominant and the web was more fun. I’m trying to capture that same feeling in my projects,” Neal said.

Another captivating project Neal created helps visualize how many actions or things are happening around the world every single second of the day. From about how many liters of rainfall to how many hamburgers are sold from McDonald’s, his website will generate the numbers by the second.

If you get lost in time exploring the many works that Neal has created, make sure to check out The Deep Sea, which is his favorite project to date! He said the page is currently being used in schools and museums to teach about the ocean.