Excess of rain causes problems for local farmers

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In years past, farmers across Texoma have faced problems associated with drought, but this year, they face a different problem, too much rain.

Usually, rain is a good thing for farmers as it helps with harvesting as well as filling ponds. But the excess rain Wichita Falls has had is higher than the rain average for this time frame, spelling trouble for the crops.

After the drought from 2012 to 2015 made its way through Texoma, farmers faced problems with their crops.

According to the National Weather Service, Wichita Falls is just over five inches above its yearly average, so now the farmers face a new problem.

“We just can’t get in the field to plant. Wheat is probably our biggest crop here and so this time September and October even until November,” Wichita County extension agent David Graf said. “You know October is really prime for planting and it’s just too wet.”

Alan Schaffner is a farmer in Petrolia and he said this year’s rain has been helpful in some areas.

“We’ve caught some stock water for our ponds and we are going to be going into the winter with a good amount of water in case we hit a dry period,” Schaffner said. 

But in other areas, it actually has been hurtful. 

“We just slowed down. Just like it rained today. We got a half inch of rain and we had dried out for about four or five days so we are just starting over from zero. Every half inch delays us two weeks right now,” Schaffner said.

Graf said the rain forces the farmers to take advantage when they can.

“They actually call it mudding it in, they’ll just go and do as best they can. Just can’t go if it’s really muddy,” Graf said.

With more rain in the forecast, it appears this problem won’t be solved anytime soon. Schaffner said each year, farmers face new things, this is just another obstacle in their way.

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