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With potential severe weather on its way, the people with Faith Mission are doing their part to help keep Wichita Falls residents who do not have a place to go stay safe.

During the spring and summer months, severe storms are prominent across the state of Texas. These storms can produce large hail and sometimes even tornados. If these storms were to make its way to Wichita Falls, Steve Sparks with Faith Mission has a plan in place to help the homeless stay safe.

“If the sirens were to go off then we’ve got a plan in place to go to a safe place which in our case is our men’s showers. It’s a center of the building with hard block cinder walls all the way around,” Sparks said.

The homeless are not the only ones in danger by these storms.

“The worst place to be is in something such as a mobile home, an RV, or your vehicle or outside. Really the safest place to be is inside a sturdy facility such as a private home, brick home, interior room, or a sturdy structure like a business,” Emergency Management Preparedness Coordinator John Henderson said.  

Sparks said you don’t have to be homeless to come take shelter if you live in a mobile home and a severe storm is on its way, you can take shelter at Faith Mission as well.

“If there were anybody close by, driving by in a car, or in the case like you were talking about where they just don’t have safe shelter they would be more than welcome to come here. We’ve got a pretty good size safe place that we could squeeze a lot of people into,” Sparks said. 

In the end, Sparks and Henderson hope you will take the necessary steps to stay safe. 

Here are some safety tips that the Wichita Falls Emergency Management provide to be prepared for these storms:

  •     You need to have a plan in place.
  •     Make sure to have food and water.
  •     Have a plan for your pets in terms of food for them and a place for them.
  •     Also, have some cash on you just in case ATM’s are down.

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