WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Halloween is just around the corner, and one Texoma family has found a way to go all out without breaking the bank.

The Morrow family loves Halloween but thinks the scariest part is the cost of decorations. With hard work, some materials, and a lot of creativity, they created the Halloween Castle for less than $200.

Andrew Morrow and his family have been Halloween lovers for years, but the cost of decor encouraged him to get his hands dirty and build his own spooky structure.

“This street used to be full of people that would go big on Halloween, and we were kind of the people that didn’t,” Morrow said. “That kind of bothered me. So I wanted to do something that was inexpensive, but also something that could be big and a huge attraction for people to want to stop and come by.”

That’s when the Castle was born.

“I went to Home Depot and anywhere I could for tools, supplies, got four-by-eight foam board, spent two, three weeks carving and carving and carving with hot knives,” Morrow said. “Everything you could think of to try and get the perfect shape, the perfect grooves and stuff like that. Ended up mapping out this front of the house that covers our porch, which is really nice. I ended up adding a rickety bridge to it. This year I bought new fog machines that are going to create some sort of lava-on-the-floor effect.”

Tricks aside, however, the treats are what really take the cake.

Impact Community Church donates full-size candy bars with Bible verses wrapped around them. Alongside the candy bars are Margie’s Bakery’s iconic Halloween-themed sugar cookies.

“We feel like we are able to spread a lot of joy in this house,” Morrow said. “We don’t look to scare people. This isn’t a scare attraction. We’re not trying to spook people, scare them off or get laughs out of that. We just want people to be able to come up and have a good time.”

The Castle can be found on Cornelia Street behind Kidwell Elementary.