Family helped when tragedy struck

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The Thomas family spends their days playing in their backyard, whether it’s shooting some hoops or jumping on the trampoline, Jesse Thomas says they’re just happy to be together.

“For us to be able to basically walk away from that crash with no major injuries, is a true miracle,” Thomas said.

Jesse and Ashley Thomas, and their four children were on their way to Broken Bow for a family vacation when…

“The kids were kind of on their games and she was reading a book and I said something like, he’s gonna hit us and that’s when she looked up and the kids kind of felt me swerve then we impacted on her side with his driver side,” said Thomas.

Causing the vehicle to roll several times.

“As we were rolling we eventually came to a stop and I turned around and for probably a second or two it was just dead silent,” said Thomas

That’s when Thomas says multiple people jumped into action.

“One of them came through, and of course glass was broken out all over, and so a couple of the guys asked are Y’all okay? We said yeah we’re okay but we’ve got four kids and we need to get them out,” Thomas said.

Thomas says even a 14-year-old girl sat with the children to keep them calm until authorities arrived.
He says without the help of many complete strangers, they might not be alive

“We had to unbuckle to get out so then we’re unrestrained in a vehicle that’s in oncoming traffic, turned on its side and so again there is a risk here and there is a risk for them, I mean they’re in the middle of a highway pulling people out and if another vehicle comes along and slams into our car and now they’re injured and they weren’t even involved in the accident and so all of that was aside and they put their personal safety aside to help complete strangers,” said Thomas

“they just played a part in keeping our family safe and keeping our family together,” Ashley Thomas said.

And even though they may never get to see those brave men and women again, The Thomas’ say they will never forget their kindness.

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