WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — When is the last time you heard the ice cream truck driving down your street? Ice cream trucks used to be a summer activity everyone looked forward to, but today you don’t see them as often.

In this heat, the ice cream truck business looks pretty profitable this year.

The excitement you felt as a child when you saw the ice cream truck is unmatched, and today, a local woman and her family are keeping the childhood memory alive in Wichita Falls.

You may be familiar with that tune that brings back memories from your childhood on a hot summer day.
For you, this may mean your favorite cartoon character with gumball eyes or your favorite snack. For almost everyone, this means the ice cream truck is coming.

“Seeing all the little kids run and getting to experience their first ice cream truck, their first ice cream, it’s definitely a very special experience just watching them grow, and they continue to grow with us” Areilyza Vala, owner of Luna’s Ice Cream truck, said.

Luna’s Ice Cream is a small family-owned business in Wichita Falls. Right now, there are three running trucks you can find all around the community. Each truck is owned by a different member of the Vala family.

“My dad got the idea originally in L.A. when we lived out there,” Vala said. “He saw a great opportunity for them and my siblings and I.”

During the pandemic, neighborhoods became silent, and the sounds of nursery rhymes through the streets slowly faded away.

Today, with temperatures reaching triple digits and kids out of school, the business has never been better.

“Even though it’s family-owned, sometimes we get – money’s hard and stuff – we opt out to give some discounts and try to partner with other businesses in our community, fundraisers,” Vala said.

This truck has treats many traditional ice cream trucks wouldn’t, and the unique, clear display gives kids a chance to try something new.

“We have everything from American candy to Hispanic candy – from sweet to sour to spicy, and our customers’ favorite: chicharrones,” Vala said.

Luna’s Ice Cream truck is also available for events. There’s no reservation charge, and only a 24-hour notice is necessary.

“We’re going to start this upcoming school year, with all the kids that get perfect attendance are going to get a free ice cream treat for me,” Vala said.

As an adult, the ice cream truck is still exciting, and Luna’s offers so many options for the community.