BURKBURNETT (KFDX/KJTL) — Jack-o-lanterns, pie, or just decor, pumpkins are a staple piece of the fall season.

“This kind of big jack-o-lantern, I think is the common, you know. But we have some fun ones like this one, that are bigger that are almost like that, are almost like this shape, so I think it’ll be fun to do some of those as well,” Gilbert Creek Gardens Owner Blaire Ramone said.

There are a few pumpkin patches in and around Texoma, but Ramone says growing pumpkins this year has been challenging.

“The pumpkins, we have planted in the field, we actually got a squash vine borer and wiped out our entire field pretty much overnight which was super sad,” Ramone said.

She’s having to travel to west Texas, in Floydada, the Texas pumpkin capitol, to get her pumpkins, but the biggest issue for farmers everywhere is the heat.

“As most of you guys know, it’s been extremely hot with the drought situation as well. So growing this year in general, even tomatoes and flowers has been difficult,” Ramone said.

The most unique thing about Gilbert Creek Gardens is that the pumpkin patch is mobile. They host pop-up pumpkin patches at local farmer’s markets and around town, as well as, a self-serve pumpkin patch that you can visit at any time.

“I wanted to be able to have a place where kids to come out and look at all the pumpkins, all the different varieties, and take a fall photo. I would just say to support our local farmers because there’s not very many of us,” Ramone said.

Ramone’s self-serve pumpkin stand is located at 1618 Sheppard Road in Burkburnett.

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