The father of a 4-month-old baby boy is now charged in connection with the child’s death last June. 

25-year-old Sean Richardson is jailed on a $200,000 bond for first-degree injury to a child.

The arrest affidavit states police arrived at Highland Village Apartments on May 21 last year and paramedics were performing CPR on the baby.

The infant was taken to United Regional, then flown to Cook’s Children Hospital, where he died June 1.

Medical staff reported the baby had significant swelling of the brain and injuries to his neck and spine, common to severe jerking of the upper body, and there is no medical explanation for such injuries other than abuse.

Officers say when questioned, Richardson said he was home alone with the baby and the baby was smiling and fine after he had his bath, then as he was fixing a bottle, the infant’s eyes suddenly rolled back and he became unresponsive.

Richardson said he asked a neighbor to call 911, but police say there was an unexplained gap between the time Richardson said the incident occurred and the call was made.