WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A ruling is pending on a request for a lower bond for a father accused in the death of his one-year-old daughter from neglect and starvation.

A bond hearing for Christian Bishop-Torrence was held Tuesday afternoon in 78th District court. He has been jailed since last June on a $1 million bond for capital murder.

The baby’s mother, Sage Wright, is also jailed on a $1 million bond for capital murder.

Christian Bishop-Torrence
Sage Wright

According to the arrest warrants the child appeared to be severely malnourished and had sores on her body.

When questioned by police both parents admitted they had noticed their child had been losing weight for several months but had not sought medical attention.

The arrest affidavit states that on the day of her death in June, Bishop went to check on her and discovered her gasping for air. This is when he took his daughter to the emergency room.

According to hospital officials she had dirt plastered to her skin and had small circular blisters on her lower back and buttocks. She weighed 8 pounds compared to the average weight of 22 to 24 pounds for a one-year-old.

Police say Wright admitted that she had not been able to bond with the victim as well as she had with her two other children.

Wright has her next court hearing scheduled for April 19.

Bishop’s public defender asked Judge Meredith Kennedy for a $100,000 dollar bond, or lower if possible.

Bishop’s grandfather testified as a character witness and said Bishop could work for him and live with him if released on bond. But prosecutors questioned if a man facing a possible death penalty or life without parole could be trusted not to jump bail and leave town.

If a lower bond is granted prosecutors have asked for the usual conditions, such as house arrest and GPS monitoring.