Female Inmates File Federal Suit in Wichita Falls Alleging They Are Forced to Shower with Men

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A federal judge in Wichita Falls has ordered three female inmates of a federal medical center in Fort Worth to either prove they are paupers, and can’t or are prevented from paying filing fees, or pay those fees to proceed with their lawsuit alleging they are forced to shower, use bathrooms and share other facilities with biological males who identify as females.

The original suit was filed against former President Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee, former Attorney General Eric Holder and other federal employees. It now is filed simply as against John Doe.

Federal Judge Reed O’Connor ruled the suit deficient because no filing fee was submitted and the suit cannot proceed unless the plaintiffs show they’re  jailed under imminent danger of injury.

He also ruled an inmate civil rights action cannot be filed until inmates exhaust administrative remedies. The three female inmates of the Carswell Medical Center in Fort Worth filed the suit in Wichita Falls Federal District Court stating they are in a degrading and dangerous environment and being forced to share showers and bathrooms with transgender inmates.

They say the men are exposing themselves for their sexual gratification in showers and bathrooms with female inmates. The inmates attempted to have their suit included in a temporary injunction blocking the Obama administration from enforcing its transgender bathroom directive, but  the judge ruled their suit must be a separate civil action.

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