WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Tree of Lights campaign is wrapping up, but there’s still time to donate and help Hospice of Wichita Falls reach its goal. Tomorrow is the last day to raise funds in order to re-light the star on top of the Southwest building on Kemp.

Care, support, education, and resources are what drives Hospice of Wichita Falls Tree of Lights fundraiser each year.

“Last year we provided almost half a million dollars in uncompensated care, so every dollar raised for Tree of Lights goes to help offset that. Everything Hospice does goes toward our mission of providing care, hope, and support for all illness-threatened lives,” Development Lead of Hospice, Erin Spiva said.

Hospice cared for more than 1,300 patients last year and averaged 250 daily, Spiva said every dollar donated enables hospice to never turn away anyone in need.

“We’re the only non-profit hospice in our area, which means that we care for anybody, regardless of how expensive their treatment may be or what their disease may look like. We don’t turn away anybody, we even take care of pediatric patients which I know is hard to think about, but pediatric patients present their own unique set of problems when they go into Hospice services and we help care for them too; so any dollar. that goes toward the Tree of Lights campaign enables us to never turn away anybody who needs us regardless of their financial situation,”

Hospice has never not met its goal but Spiva said every year, it’s always still a nail-biter.

“The community has always been very generous and allowed us to turn the star on, on top of the tree. Right now we are sitting at just under two hundred and fifty dollars, so we have quite a ways to go until we reach our goal, but the community is great about rallying together, and they send those donations, ten, twenty, thirty dollars at a time and that enables us to light the star,”

whether it’s a dollar or one hundred dollars…every coin counts…getting the community together this holiday to give to those who need it the most.

Friday, Dec. 16 is the last day to chip in and help Hospice achieve its goal, officials will be wrapping up the campaign with station day so make sure you tune into 102.3 the bull where you can hear testimonies from families affected by Hospice.

There are several easy ways to help hospice reach the 300,000 dollars. To find out how you can donate, click here.