Five arrested after bar fight

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Wichita Falls police say a disturbance at bar off Old Jacksboro Highway over the weekend ended with the arrest of five men.

Officers arrested Jaquaveon Pope, 21, Devonte Perez, 20, Deonte Greer, 20, Marlon Edwards, 21, and Charelston Denman, 20.

All were charged with possession of marijuana, Greer was also charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Greer is also a suspect in a robbery and armed robbery that happened last year. 

On Saturday around 11:15 p.m. officers were called to the Deep End to break up a large fight.

Police say they spotted a black SUV speeding off, and officers believed the men in the car were involved in the fight.

After pulling them over, police say they could see a green, leafy substance all over the car, on the clothing of all the passengers, and on the doors of the vehicle.

Authorities say the men were also covered in mud and admitted to being apart of the scuffle outside of the bar.

Police say officers recovered 3.11 grams of marijuana from the car, and they also found a loaded handgun under the passenger seat that Greer was sitting in.

Officers say in-car camera footage allegedly shows Greer reaching underneath his seat as well. 

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