Five Montague County residents were sent to the hospital with stab and gunshot wounds following a fight in a gated community in Nocona.

On Tuesday, Montague County deputies were called to Pima Drive for an assault involving two victims with stab wounds and two possible gunshot victims.

When they arrived, deputies found Destyne Partney, 21, who said she was involved in a fight and dispatchers told deputies that they got a call that she stabbed someone.

At another home, Saint Jo police officers took into custody Bredon Partney.

Authorities were told that another suspect had already fled Nocona Hills in a Dodge truck. That person has been identified as Chris Morland, 44.

Authorities said the fight started because Brenon, Destyne and another woman were upset with Morland for the way he drives around the neighborhood when there are children around.

Documents state that when Morland was confronted, he hit the woman in the face with a closed fist.

That’s when Bredon reportedly struck Morland in the head with a 4-iron golf club. Investigators said it was enough force that it broke the club.

During the fight, authorities believe Moreland went into his home and grabbed a shotgun. The fight ended once the gun was shown.

However, Brendon told investigators after the fight, he got a .22 rifle, and when Moreland’s vehicle approached him, Brenon said it looked to him like Moreland was reaching for something so Brendon reached for his rifle and fired one shot.

Morland was taken to Nocona General Hospital with a gunshot wound to the temple. He was later flown to John Peter Smith Hospital.

Morland is expected to be charged once he’s out of the hospital.

Two other stabbing victims were also taken to Nocona General, but their names and conditions have not been released.

Destyne and Bredon Partney are in the Montague County jail charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.