WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A convicted armed robber and former murder suspect is headed back to prison after a judge revoked her probation Friday.

Trinity Elizabeth Noland, 36, was originally sentenced to seven years in prison in 2019 for aggravated robbery.

Noland was released from prison three months later when her prison sentence was converted to a five-year probation sentence.

Noland is now sentenced to five years in prison after her probation sentence was revoked Friday. 1,151 days spent in jail were credited to her sentence.

According to police, Noland and a partner committed armed robberies in Wichita Falls in 2016.

Police said Noland and her partner created a false cover story about Noland being held against her will in the event they were caught, with her partner taking the fall for the crimes.

According to Noland’s partner, he intended to follow through with that plan, but chose not to when Noland implicated him for the robberies.

Noland has a pending manslaughter charge in Clay County for the 2016 shooting death of Shaun Simpson in Henrietta.

Noland was recently arrested three times in as many months for a robbery in November 2019, unauthorized use of a vehicle in December 2019, and identity theft, possession of methamphetamine and stealing a vehicle in January 2020.