A former employee of Nunn Electric Supply in Wichita Falls is charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from that company over a three year period beginning in November of 2014. 

Thirty-seven-year-old Joshua Caporal is charged with theft over $30,000 and under $150,000. The alleged thefts were discovered after a business audit was done when the company noticed open bids and quotes were not matching up with inventory.

Business officials told police Caporale was a salesman and had been creating open bids and manipulating the system. They said they found 125 transactions he had created, and which Nunn Electric never received payment for.

Police spoke to a customer who ordered supplies from Caporale sometime in 2014. He said Caporale told him to start making out his checks directly to him. After the internal investigation, Nunn Electric set up surveillance cameras and officials said Caporale was seen removing  inventory that matched forms he was creating, but not reporting.

Total value of property stolen was listed at more than $82,000.