A former Iowa Park substitute teacher will be going to prison for nine years after violating terms of her probated sentence for the second time.

Wendy Fox was placed on eight years probation in 2012 after admitting to having sex with a male student at numerous locations in Iowa Park, including Gordon Lake, her home and the student’s home.

Her sentencing was deferred, meaning had she completed her probation her conviction could have been cleared.

Her revocation hearing began Friday and resumed Monday morning.

Fox’s former counselor said she was discharged from a sex offender’s treatment program when she admitted to using someone else’s prescription pills.

The counselor told the judge Fox has no boundaries when it comes to sex and displays hypersexual tendencies.

The counselor also said Fox always plays the victim and blames the student for all her problems.

The judge ruled Fox was taking drugs on probation and did not attend all her sex treatment classes, and did not complete her homework leading to her expulsion. 

Fox was previously arrested in September of 2016  for similar probation violations.