WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—According to UDisc, did you know that 500 million people live within roughly 6 miles of a disc golf course worldwide? With more than 14 -thousand disc golf courses to choose from, here locally, members of the Wichita Falls Disc Golf Association are looking to add to that number. This is just one of the newly installed courses in Texoma, and when it came to course design, they called in someone all too familiar with the ever-growing sport for help.

Nearly four decades ago, Parks Administrator, Terry Points along with some buddies, created a disc golf course at Lucy Park with just a few cans of spray paint and some discs.
Fast-forward to 2023, and residents in Wichita Falls have a plethora of courses to play on right here in Wichita County alone, and soon they’ll have another full 18-hole course in Williams Park.

“Williams Park is perfect in every way because it’s in a low-income area in Wichita Falls it’s a massive park that’s under-utilized and disc golf is so cheap in terms of projects that are being added to a park and so they were all on board,” Young said.

Once they found a suitable park, designing each hole was up next, and Young couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than PDGA Rookie of the Year in 2000 and World Champ in 2009, Avery Jenkins.

“That’s why I’m here this week is to do a full evaluation of the property, a walkthrough, and assessment, and really pick and chose the best quality holes between tee pads and baskets throughout the entire park,” Jenkins said.

“A big part of it was his passion for the project and his willingness to be a part of it and so we’re really excited to have Avery, he really brings a lot of legitimacy to the area and to the project as well,” Young said.

Jenkins has designed courses all over the nation, and Young said having a new course designed by a pro could add to the rapid growth of the sport by exposing more people to it.

“It’s an underserved area of the city so giving others the chance to be exposed to disc golf and a cheap activity as Avery was saying, a cheap, fun, and interactive activity to get you outside, we hope that it brings people outside to a park that’s currently not being used very often,” Young said.

So when the course is open, go out and try your hand at it.
You never know, you could be the next Avery Jenkins.

Jenkins will continue his assessment of the park for the remainder of the week. Once his design is complete, Young said it could be roughly 6 to 8 weeks before opening.
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