WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Hailey Corey said she’s been friends with Nathanial Lewis for years and never believed anything like this could ever happen to him.

“I was really surprised because stuff like this especially just stuff like this in general. You hear about it everywhere but it’s never someone you know. And it’s never in Wichita Falls, Texas,” Corey said.

So she sprung into action, thinking of ways to help Nathaniel’s mom.

“In general this isn’t something people plan for so last night as I was driving home from work I was like I haven’t seen like a GoFundMe set up so I messaged her and said if there was one I would donate towards it,” said Corey.

Since one hadn’t been set up, she posted it online and is hoping the money will help Nathaniel’s family and pay for the memorial service.

“I think it’s up to $250 right now but I know funds will go to extra memorial costs and I know we are talking about t-shirts and going towards the family in general.”

Doing what she can after an unimaginable tragedy.

“He was a really loyal person. He was honest. He had the best heart. Literally, anyone you ask would tell you he is the sweetest person ever,” Corey said.

Sergeant Charlie Eipper said a grand jury could pursue an indictment against the person interviewed at the scene. He said the two knew each other.

A link to Nathaniel Lewis’ GoFundMe page can be found here.