Friends and classmates of Ramon Alvaro Gonzalez Lopez, known to most people simply as “LG,” gathered this afternoon to remember and honor the former old high student and athlete.

LG died Saturday in Fort Worth after two courageous battles with leukemia. 

The owner of Stick’s Place Kim Stevens hosted those who knew and loved “LG” so they could come together and share stories and memories of their dear friend and teammate.

“Coach helped me pay for my tuxedo for Mayfest and asked me if I wanted a handkerchief,” said Martin Rangel. “I told him I wanted an orange one for LG and they took it back Sunday and coach told me Monday they were going to use the same handkerchief for LG’s tuxedo that they buried him in.” 

Rangel said he’ll always have good memories of his dear friend and he’ll always have a part of LG and LG will have a part of him. 

A celebration of life is set for 1 pm at Grace Church on Friday.