We’re learning more about the arrest of Bubba McDaniel over the weekend after the MMA fighter  was charged with threatening on social media to kill a man he believes is responsible for the death of his son.

A police affidavit states McDaniel heard some additional information about the recent death of his 2- year old son, and became inconsolable.

It says he then threatened on Facebook to put a bullet in a man’s head while specifically naming the man, and also threatened him with a knife.   

McDaniel also offered $10,000  to anyone who could tell him where the man was. 

At a home in the 4800 block of Royal Oak, police say McDaniel told them several times he planned to kill the man he identified.

Someone else on the scene stated McDaniel had a firearm on his hip and was looking for magazines and ammunition before looking for the man.

McDaniel was arrested and charged with one count of terroristic threat, but is no longer on the jail roster.

A sergeant stated McDaniel was also being arrested as a protection to himself.

The investigation into his son’s death is still ongoing.

A week ago, Wichita Falls police conducted a follow-up evidence search at a home on Irving Place where the child died October 11.

Records show the home is owned by James Staley III.

So far, no arrests pertaining to McDaniel’s son’s death have been made.