Geronimo Foster Parent Charged in Hot Car Death of Baby

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A foster parent is facing second degree manslaughter in connection with the death of a 4- month old  girl.
Back in September, Geronimo police said the infant’s foster father, 45 year-old Billy DeWayne Allen, worked a night shift, and then drove his son to school with the baby in the back seat.
Authorities said Allen told them he then drove back home and went to sleep.
That afternoon, his wife called him to say she was at the daycare and they told her the baby had never been dropped off that morning.
Just before she called, Allen said he had sent the son to Dollar General in the car, the two then rushed to the store and found the baby dead inside the car, still strapped into  her car seat.
Investigators believe the child was in the car for at least 9-hours.
Allen has been released on $3,000 bond. And if convicted, he faces 2 to 4 years in prison.

It’s a tragedy Geronimo parents still can’t understand.
“I know a lot of people of have a lot of hectic working lives and stuff, but to me, I just couldn’t even come up with an excuse to be in that situation,” said Ashleigh Hall, a Geronimo resident.
Hall said she has a son that’s almost two years old and never leaves him in the car alone even for a minute.
“I totally understand why he was charged,” Hall said. “I really hope that it was a genuine accident. I really hope that it was something criminal offense where it was neglect for the child.”
“It’s horrible that it’s happened,” said Geronimo Police Chief David Johnston. “Anytime a child is injured, I can’t think of anything worst. This type of call is an officer’s worst nightmare.”
Chief Johnston said this is the first time something like this has happened in Geronimo, he just urges everyone with children to take that extra minute to make sure their child is safe.
“What happened to these people, could happen to anyone.”
When the baby was taken from her biological mother who lives in Lawton, by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the baby’s biological grandparents attempted to be her foster parents, but were not able to meet DHS requirements
The mother has several charges pending including drug possession and larceny, and had been scheduled for a plea and sentencing on Wednesday, but that was reset for February. 

A foster parent is now charged in connection with the death of a  4-month old baby girl who Geronimo police officials say was left in the back seat of a vehicle for at least 9 hours.

45- year old Billy Dewayne Allen has been charged with second degree manslaughter. He has since bonded out of jail.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation officials say mame Neta Attocknie’s foster father Billy Allen forgot to drop her off at daycare on September 20th after he took his son to school.

Officials say around 4:30 pm the foster mother went to the daycare to pick her up but found Mame was not there. It was at about that same time investigators say the foster father sent his son to Dollar General in the same vehicle Mame was still strapped into  her car seat in the back seat.

Acording to the OSBI both foster parents then rushed to the store to find Mame dead inside the vehicle.

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