WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichitans could have it made in the shade with a local company’s newest promotion.

Web Fire Communications, a locally-owned technology solutions provider, has a pretty cool deal going on right now.

The company is giving away free sunshades to all participants. Not only that, if their special team scouring the city sees a Web Fire sunshade in your car windshield, you could be $100 richer, a representative from the company said.

To participate, simply swing by Web Fire’s main office on the 3400 block of McNiel Avenue and sign up to be a part of the promotion.

Their sunshade search team will make weekly rounds to spot Web Fire-branded cars. To have a better chance of being spotted, the company recommended parked cars face toward the nearest major road.

While there is no official end date for the promotion yet, a representative from the company said they will be searching for lucky winners into mid-September.

Visit their website to learn how Web Fire could save you time and money.