Getting healthy, sticking with New Year’s resolutions

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It’s one of, if not the most popular New Year’s resolution: getting in shape. It’s also one resolution given up on so quickly. But some Texomans say it’s not about when you start, it’s making sure you keep going.

Nikki Davis is an instructor at Gold’s Gym in Wichita Falls.

“It’s a like a hobby. I do it as a second job,” Davis said.

Davis is also a school-teacher, which is why she says she needs to be fit, but Davis is more than just a fitness instructor and school-teacher.

‘”I’m a mom too. I have two kids. So, I need to be able to keep up with them,” Davis said.

Even though she’s always considered herself to be in good shape, Davis said her drive to work out gets a bit more intense during the first month of the new year.

“It’s great to be good at something, but you can always be great. So, I’d like to see what upping my workouts and maybe eating a little healthier could do for me,” Davis said. But Davis isn’t the only one trying to live healthier.

Bobby Roland, owner of Falls Fitness, said January is the busiest time for new memberships for his gym. However, he pointed out the reason why so many people stop showing up is because they go too hard too fast.

“They do five to six days a week or they’ll spend two or three times longer than what they really need,” Roland said.

Three to four days a week works for most people Roland believes.

Of course, there are others who are more ambitious. Jessica Everett, also a school-teacher, who exercises before and after school.

“Everybody asks me: ‘How do you do it?’ I say one step at a time,” Everett said.

She said she does come to the gym more starting in January but is mindful not to overdo it. After all the holiday partying and knowing her birthday is coming up, Everett does have one New Year’s resolution in mind.

“Gettin’ lean in ’19,” Everett said.

While it may be tough taking that first step or lifting that first weight, like Everett and Davis, 2019 could be your healthiest year, if you resolve to make it happen.

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