89th District Judge Charles Barnard has set up a payment schedule for three people who pleaded guilty and were put on probation for stealing an estimated $2 million in coins from a retired couple.

Cynthia noble, Richard Gibbs and Russell Stallings received 10 year probated sentences, and were ordered to pay restitution to the victims.

The thefts occurred more than three years ago from four safes in a home on willow bend.
Police say noble was a relative and family friend and gave Gibbs and Stallings information on how to thwart the security alarms and where to find the combinations to the saves.

The victims earlier told us they  doubt they will ever see most of their savings repaid.

But the restitution schedule has the thieves making increasing monthly payments beginning this month at $750 each,  and increasing each succeeding year and topping out at $3,000 a month  in 2026.

The final payment of about $214,000 is due on October 2026.