As convicted serial rapist, Michael Gowan waits to be transferred from the Wichita County Jail back to prison in Abilene, a woman who says she was one of his many victims is speaking out.

On Monday, Judge Charles Barnard denied a request from serial rapist Michael Gowan for another new attorney, and prosecutors did not oppose Gowan’s request for further DNA tests.

Now, one woman who says she was just fifteen when she was attacked, wants other sexual assault victims to know there’s help out there and they should not be afraid to reach out.

The attack occurred in September of 1992. 

Laura said she and her friends often played outside, and it wasn’t until later that she found out Michael Gowan lived in the same neighborhood. 

Laura:  “A hand went over my mouth, and said, if you make a noise I’ll kill your family.  At this time I’m thinking, this is a dream.  You know, what’s going on?  Everything is in slow motion.  He handcuffed my hands.  Put tape over my mouth and my eyes.”

Laura said she was taken out the window and was put into the trunk of a car before being taken to a field, and before Gowan returned to her home.

“We assumed he took something out of the closet.  That was his MO.”  “My dad had saw my light flip on and heard the noises. He thought I was sneaking out. He went down there and he saw him diving out the window.  He ran back to get his gun and went out the front door, and by the time he got out the door the car was taking offl.”  “Basically, he raped me and took me to the old McDuff’s on Jacksboro Highway and gave me a quarter and told me to call my mom and dad.  Called my parents and one of the detectives answered the phone because my parents had already called police.”

Laura wants victims to know there are resources, like First Step Inc., available to help.

She said people should never be afraid to speak out.

“You know you have family. You have friends. You have churches. There’s always someone you can reach out to and talk to and ask for advice. Don’t feel bad to report something and feel like you did something wrong,” Laura said.
Laura said she can not believe Gowan will be up for parole in 2023, and she plans to march or do anything possible to try and make sure he is never a free man again.